The tradition of the convent

In this center of Hohenburg devoutness many young girls gathered around Odilia in the sign of charity. The convent life was minted throughout the whole middle age by the rules of St. Benedict and St. Columban. Unfortunately, the convent was being deleted several times. Present at the inauguration of the convent church, which had been destructed by a fire, in 1050 was even Pope Leo IX, being himself Alsacian.

New Impulses were brought in by the female abbots Relindis and Herrad. Not only various redecorations of the hole building and the existence of the famous scripts Hortus delicianum" are due to them, they also inaugurated the rules of St. Augustine in the convent. From the 14th century onward, the convent suffered from the wars at that time. Due to the war of religions, the convent life stopped in the year 1546.

The 30-year-war and the French Revolution destroyed the convent once again. During the French Revolution, the Mount St. Odile was declared National Property and thus was secularized. The owners changed dozends of times. In 1853 a collection among alsacian catholics brought the sum to regain the convent. The bishop of Strasbourg thus was the new owner. A group of Franciscan nuns took care of the Place of Pilgrimage and its visitors. The never-ending adoration-prayer in the tradition of the antique "laus perennis" was established in 1931 by the diocese of Strasbourg. This ongoing payer of praise and thanks was and is still rendered by the catholic men of the region and is the living soul of the convent of Mount St. Odile.