Mount St. Odile

Not one of the highest, but certainly one of the nicest mountains in the Vosges is the Mount St. Odile. 736 meters high, it is covered by needle and other forests. On the pink shimmering plateau of sandstone there is the famous convent of Saint Odile, which can be seen from quite a distance. One of the most special guests, Pope John Paul II, gave this place the honor of his visit.

Numerous famous writers, poets and artists were inspired by this place and its magic. Many pilgrims visited the Mount St. Odile, but it is also a frequented place among pedestrians. The heath wall, which has the amazing length of 10 km and 3 meters of height is also a remarkable spot. Archaeologists still wonder about its existence. There are speculations that the heath wall was build during Neolithic. Findings from the Bronze age proof, that this wall was already built by then. The remains of the megalith enclosure were restored by the Romans and were used as observation spots in the Rhine valley. The Romans called this place "Altitona" and among the Merovingians, who left various sepulchrals , the name changed into "Hohenburg", which means "High Castle".